Renovation Advisor Service

Renovation horror stories can be heard everywhere. Being heavily overcharged, hidden costs, unfair payment processes, runaway contractors, delayed or half completed works hanging.

Just how do you know if your works and prices are justified?

Engage Renosquare’s Advisor service, guiding you from start to finish. Get true unbiased opinion along the way, and enjoy renovation.

Meet Renosquare’s Advisor

Start here to install all the necessary knowledge before you meet up any interior designer or contractor. Attend an in-depth session on what you should know before approaching them to avoid common mistakes and be at their mercy.

Protect Your Interests

Before you sign the contract, Renosquare will guide you on quotation ambiguity, possible missing items / hidden costs, and most important of all, the price investigation and a suggested plan.

Seek Opinion

Along the way, feel free to seek Renosquare’s opinion on your renovation matters.

Handover Inspection

Inspect overall quality and workmanship during handover session.

Guided All Throughout

You are not alone, be guided and “Protected” from start to finish. Enjoy Renovation Yay!